Our Process

Pamela Haining is a Printmaker and Textile Designer, she uses traditional lino cut (block print) printmaking techniques, which involves carving a design onto a block (piece of linoleum or vinyl block), applying ink to the block then applying the inked up block to fabric or paper. Pamela hand prints all of her products in micro batches at her home studio. She shares her process below to show you how each product is created, from a spark of inspiration to becoming a useful kitchen textile for the home.


All designs start life on paper, this could be from a quick sketch of a single motif to drawing out the full design. Designs are often inspired by the defining British seasons, seasonal produce available and Pamela’s environment. 

Pamela prefers to import her hand drawn sketches to a digital format to allow her to work out the final design, colours and usability on the finished product, whether it be tea towels or napkins.


The finished design is transferred onto the lino block and carved out using dedicated lino cutting tools. When using multiple colours in a design, a new block needs to be carved. This a slow, meticulous part of the process that gives each design its own identity and flow.


All textiles are hand printed by Pamela in her studio. She mixes inks to her chosen colour palette and uses a brayer to roll these to the right consistency before applying the ink to the block. Each block is applied to the fabric with pressure and each layer of the design being allowed to dry before the next is printed.

Finished Design

Once the ink has dried and heat set, the product is ready to use. Pamela hand prints in micro/small batches, which means some items will be limited edition and others will have short production runs. The printing process can take up to a week before fabrics can be ready to ship, therefore as soon as items are finished and ready for sale, they are listed on the shop.

All kitchen textiles are handmade, including the fabrics sourced, which means they are all very much unique and will differ in one way or another to other textiles with the same design and function.

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