Mulled Wine

Christmas markets all over have started and I’m quickly beginning to feel festive, this reminded me of a trip we took to Cologne, Germany in December 2014. This was where I discovered my love for mulled wine/glühwein. I love the spiced smell, which runs throughout the market and it is this that influenced my day 3 block print pattern. I thought of this print as a visual recipe, showing the ingredients for a mulled wine recipe.

I started this pattern with a quick sketch, which I tided up digitally before transferring to lino for carving. I like to tidy up my drawings digitally, it also lets me work out an initial pattern concept easily and quickly, without having to redraw several times.

Unlike my previous block print pattern (Beetroot), I hand printed my lino block for this design traditionally i.e. using a brayer/roller with oil-based ink. I find oil-based ink gives a clearer print but I do like having some imperfections from hand printing such as areas where the ink hasn’t completed printed onto the paper.

I think this block print pattern is a great contender for gift wrap during the festive period.

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