Carrots From the Veg Patch

While my ‘Carrots From the Veg Patch’ print is not my first block print pattern, it is my first entry for my 30 day challenge I have recently started. The goal is to create 30 block print patterns in 30 days (you can follow my progress on instagram and via my blog here for an in-depth review of each pattern and process). My first reason for choosing carrots as my subject was mostly due to seasonality, seasons greatly influence my designs and something I love about being based in the U.K., as they are very clearly defined. I started my 30 day challenge in November, which for me marks the start of comforting, hearty meals, stews and root vegetables.

I think carrots are somewhat underestimated, they are cheap and plentiful but we rarely see the irregular sized, multicoloured variety complete with leafy green tops. It’s such an easy-to-grow vegetable, which comes into season from November onwards that I can image vegetable patches across the country bursting with carrots.

I designed my block print with five different carrots, varying in size and colour – although I have kept to black as the sole colour for my final pattern. My designs nearly always begin the same way and are hand sketched onto paper then digitally cleaned up, before being transferred on to linoleum. There is something homely and pleasing to see such a simple vegetable used to create this pattern and I can imagine this design working well on kitchen linen such as tea towels or table cloths or even on fabric to make fun cushions like above.

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