Continuing the seasonal root vegetable theme, my next print is a simple, single motif of a whole beetroot. I have a fondness for beetroot and love it in everything from salads to on pizzas and even cakes. Have you ever tried chocolate beetroot cake?

This was quite a quick pattern for day 2 of my ’30 Days of Block Print Patterns’ and something I would expand on if it weren’t part of 30 day challenge by adding a couple more motifs. After a very quick sketch of my beetroot, I took to carving this out of Japanese vinyl linoleum in about an hour. I actually ended up stamping this block (i.e. inked up the block using and stamp ink block and pressed it onto paper) to do a quick test/proof, which I used to create the simple repeating pattern. I quite like using stamp block ink as it gives a lot more texture rather than using block printing ink and a brayer.

A simple repeat pattern like this works well for kitchen linens such as tea towels.

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